Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Pets with EPI

When you leave the vet’s office with your pet newly diagnosed with EPI you are probably thinking about the costs that the vet has just thrown at you.  Perhaps it was a bag of prescription food at $80, and a 12 oz bottle of enzymes at $150, then there are the antibiotics and b12 shots and your mind is swimming.  Take a step back and look at the list below.  There are other enzyme options.

There are Prescription enzymes, over the counter enzymes and then the Pancreatin sold at EnzymeDiane.com.  These enzymes are all relatively the same.  They are porcine based and most pets tolerate them well.

Check out the cost differences, the prices differ from 37 cents a teaspoon to almost $2 a teaspoon!  EPI dogs should have a low fiber diet (old research suggested to restrict fat).  There are pets that can have a bit more fat or fiber and do fine.  Each EPI pet is different here is a possible list of foods to try.  While most do better on a grain free diet I fed my EPI dog a kibble that had rice in it.

By doing some reading and talking to those that are dealing with an EPI pet you will be able to find more cost effective ways to treat EPI.

These are basic costs of treating EPI.  These are estimates and you may find things to be more or less expensive in your area  You may also choose to use Probiotics, vitamins and other supplements. This is only a basic list of the minimum a dog with EPI may require.  

Digestive Enzymes

Pancreatin 6x Enzyme Supplement — $145.00 – including shipping per kilo/approx 32 ounces/357 tsp

Prescription and Non Prescription — $80-$200 – per 8-12 ounces

Porcine based enzyme tablets — $.25-$1.50 per tablet – 7 tablets = 1 tsp of powder

Dog Food – Meets EPI guidelines of below 4% fiber

Food with grains — $25 and up – 40 pound bag

Grain Free foods — $35 and up – 35 pound bag

Raw Diet homemade — varies

Raw Diet store bought — varies – per pound

Cobalamin – B12 treatments

Shots from vet — $20-$50 each

Shots at home — $14-$50 per year *check at a local pharmacy that does low cost or free prescriptions.

Also check www.Wonderlabs.com Pet Factor B12 tablets
SIBO Treatments

Metronidazole — $61 and up – 30 day supply

Tylan powder — $50 30 day – plus suppy

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