Helpful Sites

EPI Managing EPI – Support group & Information
Detailed information from EPI Research as well as a support forum.

K9-EPIGLOBAL – Support Group
A support group for laypersons dealing with EPI dogs.

EPI in Dogs
Very informative site on EPI

Canadian Support Group


Texas A&M Cobalamin Study – B12 information
Protocols for b12 supplementation

Dog Aware Whole Dog Journal Article

Pet Poison Helpline
Saving pets lives…24 hours a day, 7 days a week Be advised there is a per incident fee 1-800-213-6680

Support EPI Research

EPI Medical Alert Tags
Purchase medical alert tags in all sizes and colors. A portion is donated to EPI research at Texas A&M University.

EPI Research Fund
Make a donation to support EPI research.

B12 Links

Pet Factor B-12
Affordable Online Source for B12 tablets with Intrinsic Factor. Many have had great success with these in addition to B12 shots or as a stand alone. TrinFac-B has not been approved for veterinary use so please consult your veterinarian if this may be right for your pet.



Because sometimes we are not only dealing with EPI but other conditions as well.

Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group

K9 epileptic group
A great support group for those dealing with this condition email is

IBD helpsite for dog owners

Perianal Fistulas Support Group
A list for dog owners that are dealing with or have dealt with the horrible disease called Perianal Fistulas. Come and join us and you will receive support and advice from others with the same problem.

Baily Chairs 4 Dogs
If you have a dog with Mega E you will need a Bailey Chair.

Upright Canine Brigade Aware
Mega E support

Dogs with Pancreatitis Support Group