Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Pets with EPI


Pancreatin is an enzyme mixture derived from porcine pancreas glands. It contains three principle enzymes. Protease (protein solubilizing), Amylase (starch liquefying), and Lipase (fat splitting). Lactose is used to adjust the enzyme activity to bring it into the 6x or 8x value.
Enzyme potency is in USP units a standard measurement of enzyme activity in the USA.
Pancreatin 6x USP Powder (US Material) and Pancreatin 8x USP Powder (US Material) are normally offered.

Glands for Enzyme Diane® products are SOURCED from the USA/Canada and approved EU countries. It is manufactured in the USA.


Pancreatin Enzyme Supplements are sold in 50 gram, 250 gram (8.81 oz), 500 gram (17.63 oz) and 1 kilo (35.27oz) packages. Larger orders are packaged in 1 kilo increments.
  1 kilo = 2.2 pounds/1000 grams or 35.27 ounces = approx 357 teaspoons
  1/2 kilo = 1.1 pounds or 17.63 ounces or 500 grams= approx 178 teaspoons
  250 grams = .55 pounds or 8.818 ounces = approx 89 teaspoons
  50 grams = .11 pounds or 1.763 ounces = approx 17 teaspoons
Pancreatin potency is in USP units which are based on 2.8 grams. 2.8 grams is very close to a teaspoon of Pancreatin Powder.
1 kilo of Pancreatin digestive enzymes is almost 3- 12 ounce bottles (2.917 to be exact) or 4-8 ounce bottles (4.408 to be exact)


Enzyme dose should be discussed with your veterinarian. The below information is for informational purposes only and not a dosage schedule for your pet.
On average EPI pets use 1/2-1 teaspoon of Pancreatin 6x Powder per cup of kibble. There are many pets that use less and many that use more. This is only an average and offered as an idea. You should work with your veterinarian to discuss a dose that is appropriate for your pets needs.
From experience the dose is not influenced by the cTLI score or the pets weight. Dosage is suggested per CUP of food.
If you are changing from a prescription or over the counter enzyme to Pancreatin there is comparison information located here.
Using too much enzymes as well as too little can produce the same result, poor stools.
All food will need enzymes on it as EPI pets can not digest food on their own and the enzymes do not stay in the body.
Enzyme therapy is a life long treatment.


Enzymes should be added to food with warm water and mixed well. This will allow for better break down of the food and better enzyme distribution. The digestion process will take place in the pets system.
Some will state that it is not necessary to add liquid to the food and enzyme mixture or that it is not needed to wait the 20 minutes. From our experience adding warm liquid and waiting 20 minutes works best for most pets.
The amount of warm liquid will vary pet to pet. When starting try 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup of food and see if that works. You may find that more or less water works best.
Optimum usage temperature is 30-55 degrees C (86-130 degrees F)
Normally 20 minutes or longer is given for this reaction to occur. Activating the enzymes in this manner can prevent mouth sores (which do not affect all pets)
Water will activate enzymes at just about any temperature. The colder the water the slower the reaction will be. The warmer the water the faster the reaction.
Boiling water will denature/destroy the enzymes to fast for them to digest the food. Boiling water is 99.97degrees C (212 degrees F)
Because moisture will activate the enzymes if you have moisture on your skin it will cause the enzymes to activate and it may cause a burn. Please read the material safety sheet on this website for important safety information.
Pancreatin is a skin and inhalation irritant. Few pets may get sores in their mouth from the Pancreatin. Mixing the Pancreatin and food with warm water and letting it sit for at least 20 minutes (sometimes longer) will allow the enzymes to better distribute with the food and may prevent sores in the pets mouth (not all pets get mouth sores).


Sometimes its nice to be able to make meals ahead or if you will be boarding here is some information.

Premix meals.pdf


There are some pets that are picky eaters and there are many that are not. For those of you with picky pets you may want to try one or more of these tips: use stainless steel bowls to prevent the buildup of odors, mix the food and let it sit with the enzymes on it for 20 minutes or longer then sprinkle grated cheese on top and feed, some use green tripe to mask the flavor. Sometimes having another pet near by will help your pet eat.
There are some pets that will NOT touch food with enzymes on it. There are options such as filling gel caps and feeding right before eating. You can use a 000 capsule and purchase a filling machine (try Cap-M-Quick). Compounding pharmacies can also be used to fill capsules. When filled correctly 4 -000 capsules is close to a teaspoon of enzyme powder. This is not the preferred method of administration for enzymes but for some pets there is no other option. Only a trial will tell if it will work. You may need to adjust the dose to compensate for this method of administration.
Instead of using capsules some will roll the enzymes in a piece of cheese or a thin piece of meat. Some even mix the enzymes with a small amount of canned food and feed then offer a bowl of dry food. Again this does not work for all but it may work for some. Remember the enzymes only work with the food that they are eaten with they do not remain in the body.


Enzymes should not be exposed to heat or moisture.
Store in an airtight container.
Temperatures above 30 deg C (86 degrees F) for any period of time will cause the enzymes to react causing them to become less potent and you will need to use more. If this is for a short period of time you should not notice any difference.
Enzymes should not be stored in areas where the humidity level is higher than 70%.
Enzymes can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator but this is not necessary.


When stored properly enzymes stay stable for at least 2 years from date of manufacture. I do not advise buying more than a years supply of enzymes at a time to ensure you have the freshest product. Your order will have the suggested reevaluation date on it from the manufacturer.


The Pancreatin we sell is sourced from the USA, Canada and approved EU countries it is made and packaged in the USA.
Sometimes you will see EU material which is also manufactured in the USA but from glands sourced from Europe (never China). This is due to issues getting the glands but it is made by the same company in the USA.
The enzymes are sourced from a supplier in Nebraska.


Enzymes ship daily via the US Post Office Priority Mail (2-4 days) and Express Mail (1-3 days)
Enzymes normally ship same day or next day. Unless they are out of stock or payment is waiting to clear.
Orders in Canada can take as long as 3-4 weeks to arrive depending on customs. Normally 2 -14 days when shipped via UPS.

Due to the product nature refunds/exchanges are not accepted. To cancel your subscription please visit your account. Once subscriptions are charged they will ship. Adjustments to timeframes can be done by calling or emailing us.


Orders shipped internationally may have customs fees, brokerage and taxes associated with the shipment and this is the responsibility of the customer. If the package is refused these fees will be paid by us and deducted from the refunded amount.


We have shipped successfully throughout the USA, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Croatia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, along with many other countries and to military addresses. Duty, taxes and brokerage fees are not included in the shipping charges. If you would like to have Pancreatin shipped to you and you do not live in the USA, Canada or one of the countries listed and when you enter your address it does not give you shipping options please contact us.  If you need more information please feel free to ask.

Couriers that clients use: Shipping to Bermuda try Zipx
Material Safety Data Sheet


Pancreatin is an inhalation irritant as well as a skin irritant. Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet


If you have extra enzymes for whatever reason there are many people that are struggling with unforeseen hardships and can greatly benefit from your generosity. There are also numerous rescues that are willing to take donations of enzymes and EPI supplies
Please contact me diane@enzymediane.com

Due to the nature of our products they are not able to be refunded.

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